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The Perfect Red


Oh, the search for the perfect red nail polish. Like the search for the perfect love, or the perfect fry-up, it truly is a life’s work. It has obsessed me for years. Obviously my early forays into nail-painting (my mum doing my toes for ten minutes when I was 6, before taking it off in […]

A Cry for Help


I know we’re all somewhat bored of La Lohan and her tragedies, but sometimes a cry for help is so marked that it must be commented upon. A sign of a life out of control: FACT.

I love X Factor. I love nail polish. And there is A LOT of nail polish on X Factor. Certainly more than ever before. It needs to be addressed. Ergo, I give you my X Factor Manicure Review (with help from my friend and future guest-blogger Clare). Cheryl Pillar box red nails with fuscia lips! […]

I would like you to imagine the first three minutes of this clip if Humbert and Lolita were doing the washing and drying up together, or in a car, or perhaps just sitting in some chairs. Not quite the same is it? Gentlemen: I just want you all to know what exactly it is that […]

Turns out that it is not permitted to send nail polish in the mail. I must have done it many, many times. And I buy most of my Essie colours on line and they are mailed to me. Although, to be fair, I am not sure if it’s just a Royal Mail thing and maybe […]

A final blast of summer on my feet. Next time it will be Jungle Red, which came second. (I counted replies via Twitter too). Now I am going to try and find out what colour Dot Cotton’s nails are.

I’ve been wondering for a week and I’m STUCK. Stuck stuck stuck. You see, I’m torn between something really bright and summery to try and eek out a bit of sunshine when I see my bare feet, or to embrace with cosiness of winter and go for a full-on berry colour. You must assist. I’m […]