An Introduction to My Mother


I forwarded the last post to my mother last night, to see what she thought. (She is my main nailspiration, after all).

Her response: ‘Hmmm. But what is all this nonsense I keep reading about matte nails? Everyone knows matte nails aren’t there on purpose, they’re just the result of applying polish too late at night and then going to bed and getting sheet marks on your manicure because it hadn’t fully dried. Madness’.

Further explanation on both, soon.


4 Responses to “An Introduction to My Mother”

  1. 1 Trolley bus

    I totally agree with your mother. Matte means lustreless or dull and we all know what dull means!!

  2. Eeeeenlighten me. What does dull mean?

  3. I like the matte look but it chips like a bitch. Maddeningly short term option.

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