Why The Book Jacket Was Interesting


Some of you guessed it in the comments, but yes, the reason I was so bewitched by that book jacket was indeed Marilyn’s fingernails. She has three perfect ones showing (falsies?) and then a pinkie chewed to the quick – right in the foreground! It reminded me of Britney’s Weave of Mayhem and Nails of Anxiety phase in 2008. Everything else about the picture is so screamingly old Hollywood glamour: the hair, the eyeliner, the pose. Yet … the Pinkie of Neglect. I wonder if it was deliberate, or if she was just really into Death of a Salesman and got manicure-lazy.

I’m so sorry if that level of attention to nail detail makes you uncomfortable. I just love and am fascinated nail polish. It’s so pointless! It makes me so happy! I love that you can’t do anything for a while if you’ve painted your nails! You MUST relax.

I love the colours, I love the names, I love choosing them.  I love trying them on little pieces of sellotape in department stores and then discussing them with the lady at the counter. Sometimes I just waste hours reading the product names on this site when I’m supposed to be writing, because it reminds me how many words there are and how they can conjure up so much.

I love frightening boys with red nails and intriguing them with gold nails. I love the hunt for limited edition shades. I love reading about them, I love writing about them, and secretly I also love judging people with chipped nails.

I love manicures with my sister, I love getting a boyfriend to paint my toenails, I love doing my own nails on a night in. I love the fact that my mum had a manicure before she went into hospital to give birth – WITH EACH OF HER THREE CHILDREN.

I love going on holiday and finding weird shades in foreign supermarkets. I love finding tiny nail bars in London, I love getting a polish in New York, I love having a kick-ass pedicure in Trinidad.

I love acrylics, I love short nails, I love long nails.

I think I need a lie down now.


8 Responses to “Why The Book Jacket Was Interesting”

  1. 1 Lottie

    Yo dude, nail polish is a new dimension. I often ask my husband if he thought I could be a hand model if I lost my job as I flash him a freshly painted glistening nars paw in his face.
    Nails have to be shiney, glossy and chic. Chipped is a defo no no. Chipped is lazy- hands are your communicaters and if they looking rank then you will rank! Ha ha. Anyway- that is all I have to say on the matter. X

  2. It’s almost as if we’re related ! xxxx

  3. 3 Clare Bennett

    I would NEVERRRRRR let a boy paint my toenails – I can’t even let a professional manicurist anywhere near my hands, I wince as they inevitably square off my nails too much and paint WAY too close to the edges. Agree with L, chipped nails are the laddered tights of nail care. I shudder when I chip, the whole day is ruined until the damage can be repaired. Nails also have to be the same length – Marilyn aside, there is no point have one perfect Flo Jo talon if the rest are the nail equivalent of Bianca Jackson’s children ie look like they’ve got four different dads! x

  4. 4 Clare Bennett

    ps you chip, I judge.

  5. 5 Trolley bus

    Ha ha! Reading Clare and Lottie it looks as though we have put paid to that daft matte fashion.
    My nails are orange today, but that’s because I’ve been making pumpkin soup.
    I’m ready for the judgement of the above mentioned.

  6. 6 Catherine

    Hello there, just wanted to say I enjoyed this blog post – I am pleased to find someone else who notices such things! I am always checking out people’s nails.

    One of my own recent nail observations is about Olivia Newton-John’s nails on the cover of the Grease DVD and soundtrack CD. Whilst the same image is used on each cover, Olivia has short nails on the DVD cover (see here: http://www.onlyolivia.com/visual/dvd/dvd_grease_us.jpg ) and much longer (presumably digitally enhanced) nails on the soundtrack cover (http://www.olivia-newtonjohn.com/music/lyrics/grease-sound-track/ ) Strange!!

    Anyway, reading that back I realise I may sound like some weird obsessive, but hopefully you will understand.

    Oh, and in case you are interested, I have been typing this comment with nails painted in Essie’s Thigh High (a rich, shimmery burgundy shade).

    • That is EXTRAORDINARY! Why would her nails be retro-manicured, either for longer or shorter? I am going to have to add this to my list of manicure investigations I have to get to grips with. It’s exhausting…

  7. nail polish that are acrylic based seems to last longer on my finger nails compared to water based ones .”`

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