An Important Update: Rouge Noir


I have painted my nails Chanel Rouge Noir today.

Chanel Rouge Noir

Chanel Rouge Noir

That’s because I am going to the party for a book called LUXURY. (It is big of me to attend, given the almost wilful avoidance of nail polish on that book jacket).

Anyway, Rouge Noir is one of the all time most glamorous shades in the universe, despite the problems that wearing it on this night out raised. (Things might not have got so out of hand if she hadn’t had it on her toes too).

It was one of the first real cult nail polishes, as I realised when my friend Clare and I took the train from university to spend the dregs of our student loan on the last two bottles in London in 1995. More of that tomorrow.


5 Responses to “An Important Update: Rouge Noir”

  1. 1 Clare Bennett

    And then to go to Lords Cricket Ground, get very drunk and take ‘surprised’ photos of each other in order to put our Rouge Noired hands by our faces. I can still spot a fake Rouge Noir a mile off – to think other people spent their student loans on books and food, pathetic.x

  2. There was that girl that spent her loan on a horse though. x

  3. 3 Richard Steenberg

    I’m having trouble picturing the two of you at Lord’s, were you lost?

  4. 5 Clare Bennett

    Amazing Richard! We went with Billy and got very drunk – no sign of a cricket ball all day, thank God.

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