Help! I can’t decide on my toenails


I’ve been wondering for a week and I’m STUCK. Stuck stuck stuck. You see, I’m torn between something really bright and summery to try and eek out a bit of sunshine when I see my bare feet, or to embrace with cosiness of winter and go for a full-on berry colour. You must assist. I’m in paralysis.

There can only be one winner

There can only be one winner

The colours are as follows:

Top row, l > r: Funky Limelight, Coral Reef, Mini Shorts, Really Red, Disco Pink, Aruba Blue, Madmoiselle, Shift Power, Imported Champagne

Bottom row, l > r: Black Satin, Rouge Noir, Jade Rose, Jungle Red, Diabolique, Lovin’ Pink, Portobello Pink.

Just this once, I’ll do whatever you say.


9 Responses to “Help! I can’t decide on my toenails”

  1. 1 Becca

    Portobello Pink. Cos I love Butter nails

    • I was told by a lovely manicurist that the people at Butter Nails are horrible and don’t pay on time, so I always feel a bit bad using that one now.

  2. 3 iamjamesward

    Not least because there are sixteen colours.

  3. It absolutely is. In fact, it’s currently the most suggested option if you include Twitter and FB replies.

  4. Diabolique. And I really can’t quite believe that a spent a good two minutes deciding. I have lost the plot.

  5. 6 Becca

    Reading that makes me sad. But seeing as they nasty, I’d plump for Mini Shorts. Is well bright.

  6. Today I am drawn to Lovin’ Pink.

  7. I am with iamjamesward on this one – one in each colour, fo’sho.

  8. NARS’ Jungle Red!!

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