A Handy All-Purpose Excuse


This evening I am going out. I have just chipped my nails – two of them! On my left hand, the ring figner and the index finger. I don’t have time to mend it. But I DO have a handy catch-all excuse. I will now share it with you.

“I meant it too look like Helena Christensen’s in the ‘Wicked Game’ video. See?

There is a possibility that you won’t see, as there are quite a lot of attendant distractions in most of the nail shots: boobs, bum, hair, lips, CHRIS etc.

I especially like the bit around 2.52 when Helena actually starts to look at her horrifically chipped nails and clearly thinks ‘Meh. I’m sitting on Chris Isaak. Sometimes you just have to get over your manicure issues.’

So there we have it. Sometimes you just have to get over your manicure issues. If you ever chip your nails and someone challenges you: say you’re chanelling Helena. And if no-one challenges you about it and you still feel a bit rubbish about it: channel Helena. Imagine you’re in the sand with Chris.

That is all.


2 Responses to “A Handy All-Purpose Excuse”

  1. 1 Charlie

    Helena’s nails are one thing, but what about her pants?

  2. 2 Clare Bennett

    O my God, I had forgotten how this video is just sheer porn! Christensen is SO flipping hot, Isaac must have been thinking of his mother / exams / traffic jams – anything – to keep himself out of deep, deep trouble during that shoot. Shame about the strange fully clothed shot right at the end, I was expecting them to have fully got it on by then, not having a rigid clinch in their Hawaian shirts! As for Christensen’s nails – she couldn’t even keep them fully clothed, filth! LOVE IT.

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