How Did I Not Know About This Product Before?!


I am ashamed. I’ve been busted. My knowledge was not complete. Thank heavens for Sophy Robson. For it was she who pointed out to me that there is only one top coat in the universe worth bothering with. End of.

And that top coat is Seche Vite.

Seche Vite - It's seche. And it's vite.

I used to think trying to find a quick dry that actually dried quickly was a fool’s game. It couldn’t be done, surely? But I was mistaken. For this one … it’s so seche! And so vite!

Seriously, there is no other way. And it’s not crazy expensive. I got mine in Liberty (I had to lie on the floor to get the last one from the back of the bottom shelf) but you can get it with more dignity although perhaps less speed here.

You will not look back.


One Response to “How Did I Not Know About This Product Before?!”

  1. Assuredly, quick dry top coats are of vital importance in making time for manicures in today’s speed conscious world. My accomplice Gemma ordered some SV only for it to smash in transit, so I think prostrating self in Liberty might be the better option. Meanwhile I use the Sally Hansen version “insta-dri”, mainly because it comes in a red bottle.

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