I Am Soon To Have Fingernails Like a Klimt


In order to celebrate this week’s Turner Prize winner I bought something that I have wanted for a very long time. Gold leaf nail polish. It is the most insanely and unnecessarily decadent thing I have ever owned. It’s 24 carat gold! Someone actually invented that!

I bought it in Space NK in Brighton. It was their last one. And they said that the London branches had been trying to call their stock in. But it still seems to be in online.

Here it is. It has a nicer house than I do.

Nail Apparel

Nail Apparel. Not nail varnish. Or nail polish. NAIL APPAREL.

You’ll notice it is not called ‘nail polish’. Or ‘nail varnish’. Or even, as in the case of Chanel, ‘Le Vernis: Nail Colour’.


I think when I use it I will have to say I have painted ‘a nail’, like when fashion people say that they are wearing ‘a black pant with a pump’. Honestly.

Anyway, here it is, snug in its lovely pad. I have used flash for this one, to give the full ‘Elizabeth Taylor at the premiere of Cleopatra’ vibe.

Gold leaf nail polish


I love it.

Anyway, the idea is that you can either apply it to your nails neat, or MOST EXCITINGLY, you can apply it on top of an existing colour polish. Clearly, this weekend I will be experimenting. To be specific, the equation will be Chanel Black Satin + Seche Vite + Rococo Gold Leaf = I RULE THE WORLD.

Then, for Christmas I will go with ‘red and gold nail’. I will report back.

(NB I am very concerned regarding a potential heightening of expectations when I purchase a new laptop in a month or so).


4 Responses to “I Am Soon To Have Fingernails Like a Klimt”

  1. I have seen this in Space NK. I can’t decide if it is fantastic or OTT. Will you post pics to convince me of the former?

  2. 2 Katie

    Gold leaf Rocks! Mine’s all gone now. Any idea where where where can I get it in London?

    • I walked past Space NK in Brighton this morning and popped in. They still have it, and might be able to send. The number is 01273 776774. A x

  1. 1 Top Shop Nails « The Definite Cuticle

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