Normal Service Will Now Be Resumed


Apologies for the quite spectacular halt to this blog. It has been a traumatic few months. Let’s put it this way – moving house to a new city was the easiest thing that happened since Christmas. No, let’s put it this way – a month ago my father had an injury that meant part of his hand had to be amputated.

No. Let’s put it this way – I have not painted my nails FOR A MONTH. There, that’s how frantic it has been.

But all of that is now going to change. For on Friday I am off to see my friend Clare. Yes, Clare from that post down below. We are going to paint our nails. In the past, some of you have expressed incredulity at both Clare and I preferring to paint our own nails rather than having a professional manicure. We shall endeavour to explain why. We shall also try and answer any questions that you have about DIY manicures. People have been asking me about them for some time, and I think that four months of brushing you all off with “Oh I’m going to do a blog about it” is quite enough.

So let me know if you have any questions. Or ideas for spring colours. And sorry again for the pause. Everything’s going to get better now.




7 Responses to “Normal Service Will Now Be Resumed”

  1. 1 jessicaruston

    I was thinking of your blog only yesterday. I need to know about how to do the thing that manicure ladies do that we were talking about on the train. You know.

  2. What thing? I can remember the train and the blue polish but not the thing. ohgodisitrude?

  3. 3 Clare Bennett

    Hurrah! x

  4. 4 Alice


    Do you know, I too was thinking about your blog yesterday, only it’s a bit weirder, cos like, we’ve never met…


    If you have time, I have some questions:

    1. Chanel’s new offering -Nouvelle Vague, I like it, and it’s inherent ‘springness’ but Is this colour best left to people under 20?

    2. I saw a girl doing her nails on the train the other day. Ignoring the danger of very wonky paint, is this bad manners? Or is this a canny use of a long train journey? Maybe it’s both? I couldn’t decide.

    Glad you’re back in my reader.


  5. 5 jessicaruston

    No it’s not rude! The thing where they are painting your nails and they put one coat on and then do a sort of swoosh back over and it stays all smooth.

  6. 6 Clare Bennett

    1. Nouvelle Vague- I’m not one for pastels, but I think Alex likes this. She was in my house on Friday with toenails the colour of – well, I don’t want to say death when she would prefer I said ‘lavender’.

    2. I say not bad manners, I just say stupid. Sighing at the wrong point can cause a sudden jerk in painting, let alone hurtling along on a train. Having said that, I would almost say there’s something a bit sexy about that – allowing people into a private moment…what a slag.

  7. 1. I am totally excited about Nouvelle Vague. 33 bottles are coming to Brighton tomorrow. The 18 headed for the Chanel counter in Debenhams are all spoken for but Boots has 15 ordered and they are on sale at 8am with no waiting list. I shall be there.

    2. I agree with Clare. It’s risky, but I *know* people find it sexy. Probably because it’s risky. In this instance, risk is of course all relative. x

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