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Signora Paris


I have been to stay with my mother in Umbria for 8 days. It was very sunny and I ate many figs from the tree in the garden. I also went to church with my mother on Sunday. I don’t believe in god, but I do believe in sitting quietly, making my mother happy for […]

Last autumn I tried to buy a bottle of Chanel Jade nail polish. It had received a lot of press, and so I was anticipating a handful of other people might want it as well. It was sold exclusively at the Chanel Boutique on Bond Street and Selfridges on Oxford Street. I got up extra […]

Whenever I am in a decent branch of Boots or Superdrug and I have five minutes spare, I make sure that I go and look at the Nail Care section, just to check up on things. I love the fact that while Chanel nail polishes are a somewhat steep £16.50 each, there is always a […]

I just updated this blog. After so long. Then I tried to peel a carrot, for this blog. And I did this to my fingernail, because I was watching Sherlock at the same time. OUCH. It will created a nice experiment to see how fast my nails grow though. Silver lining for Friday’s excitement, innit. […]

I don’t often identify with Mariah Carey. I’m fine with stairs, I like to wear clothes I can breathe in, and butterflies largely leave me cold. However, when I wrote that previous post about how I had had a stressful time lately, I didn’t know that things were going to get worse. Urgh And before […]