Another Question For you


Last autumn I tried to buy a bottle of Chanel Jade nail polish. It had received a lot of press, and so I was anticipating a handful of other people might want it as well. It was sold exclusively at the Chanel Boutique on Bond Street and Selfridges on Oxford Street. I got up extra early on Friday 8th October, and headed to town. To be honest, I felt like a bit of a dork. Getting up early? To queue? For nail polish? Hmmm. A corner had been turned.

Clearly it was not a big enough corner, as when I arrived at Selfridges there was already a queue of people waiting to buy it. And the queue already had more people in it than the number of bottles of the nail polish in the store.

A queue of scary women and cross boyfriends

I decided to leg it to the Chanel boutique, only really a five or ten minute walk away, and see if they had any bottles of Jade left. I ran like a gazelle. A gazelle with Chanel-daubed hooves.

But I didn’t run fast enough. When I got there, despite the fact that the Chanel boutique opened later than Selfridges, they were sold out too. I felt great despair. The despair of having done something foolish (got up and come into town early to buy limited edition nail polish) but not quite foolish enough (not got up and come into town early enough…) It was also the despair of the shopper who wanted a thing. A new thing. I needed an inch of glamour. I was all sweaty. The Chanel boutique staff thought I was a student. The whole thing was undignified.

So I gathered myself up and looked around the store. As if I did this frequently. I turned my nose up at some jewellery and idly grazed some pumps. But I couldn’t keep up,and ended up letting out a semi-howl

“But don’t you have any other wonderful new colours?!”

The answer was simple: “Yes of course. We also have Chanel Jade Rose. It went on sale this morning. It is very beautiful. Would you like some?”

So of course I snatched it up and left.

Possibly the worst photo every taken, on a table outside of Cafe Nero on Picadilly

At the time I remember cruelly tweeting that Jade Rose was the Jennifer Aniston to the Jade’s Angelina Jolie. I take that back, it was unnecessarily cruel to both Jade Rose and Jennifer. (And I now believe Jade looks tacky in comparison to Nouvelle Vague, but that’s a story for another day).

My questions is this:

I bought that nail polish on 8th October.

It is named ‘Chanel Jade Rose, 493’, which clearly comes long before ‘Chanel Paradoxal, 509’.

So why are the staff at all of the Chanel counters this week saying that Chanel Jade Rose is also a new colour? They say they are on sale, new, together as of last Friday. Eh?

I have been wearing it for ten months. I love it. It’s the colour of Joan Holloway’s corsetry. And it looks sensational on winter toes.

Any beauty editors able to explain?

Here is a photograph I took on my laptop to show my friend Julia - 241 days ago. Two hundred and forty one!


4 Responses to “Another Question For you”

  1. 1 Kathy

    Interestingly, this does not seem to be the case in the US. Paradoxal is everywhere, and sold out many place), on its own as THE new color in the winter collection (and as a gal who currently has it on her fingers, I have to say it is fabulous). Jade Rose has its normal restrained place, over there by Vendetta and Nouvelle Vague and Blue Satin. Hmmmm.

  2. Kathy, that is so odd. Paradoxal is getting the full hoop-la here too, (it’s on my toes for my holiday!) but Jade Rose is being sold as its sister. So odd. I am beginning to wonder if I invented time travel. Has Jade Rose been on sale there since last autumn?

  3. Ah, but have you seen the new Khaki trio. Beee-ooo-tee-ful!

  4. The Khaki trio is gorgeeeouuuss but I am mostly excited about Rouge Fatal.

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