Pointy Nails


This week I saw Immodesty Blaize read at an event in Shoreditch. She looked, as my friend Julia pointed out, ‘like tits and honey’. It was mesmerising. Working from the bottom up, she was in metallic Louboutin platforms, sheeny shiny caramel bare legs, a knee length, possibly Westwood, pale green velvet cocktail dress, and a lot of hair extensions. But – best of all – she had her nails in that 1950s showgirls shape. Perfect little tips, almost claw-like in their pointy symmetry. They were painted in a dark shade, Chanel Rouge Noir or something similar. As she (obviously) used her body a lot while performing, they made a perfect punctuation point to almost every sentence she read.

Here’s an image of the shape she had, from her website.

Immodesty Blaize's pointy nails (and fancy headdress)

Then today I saw this image of Kate Moss, who seems to be wearing a very similar shape, although in a dark grey or black colour. Is this a coincidence? Or a new fashion? Either way, I love it. But I can’t imagine achieving it. I reckon Kate’s at least are acrylics.

I beseech thee to look at the nails not the smalls.

Does anyone know a Normal Person who has achieved perfect claw-nails?


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