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I am trying to finish a book at the moment. The deadline was moved, which in turn increased my daily word count significantly. It is sending me slightly mad. Although, it could be the significant increase in the number of chocolate-coated coffee beans I am eating which is sending me mad. Anyway. Yesterday I was […]

Nails on mic


The use of a microphone as exquisite foil for an excellent manicure has long been an obsession of mine, and I believe Mariah Carey is the art’s true master. Here she is with her new Christmas song, a cute maternity Santa suit and a lovely manicure. What is that red? Is it my perfect red? […]

It has been brought to my attention by someone on Twitter that OPI have an extraordinary new product called Black Shatter launching soon. It seems be designed to make your nails look like a distressed old building in SoHo in late 70s/early 80s New York. I can’t imagine how it works and I can’t deny […]