Top Shop Nails


Oh hallo there. So I finished the book that nearly drove me mad, and then I did another one. Each of them contain contains lavish descriptions of finger nails, but neither are written under my name so you’ll just have to read everything until you find them.

Anyway … I was on my way back from the gym earlier and I saw through the window of Top Shop on Western Road that they were unpacking new make up. I scuttled in wearing my sweaty gym kit and asked the lady (Mel, she was lovely) if there were new nail products. And there were! We both squealed in a moderate ladies-who-don’t-know-each-other-but-have-something-in-common manner. I would have hugged her if I hadn’t smelled so much.

They have new mini kits, each with twin colours. This is fabulous for two reasons. One is that the tiny bottles are so much more practical than regular nail polish bottles. Has anyone, ever finished an entire bottle of polish? Or have they just gone gummy on you? I thought so.

New Top Shop nail collection. It's not on the website yet.

The second fabulosity point is that you’re supposed to wear the two colours together. Mel and I had a long discussion about how. One on top of the other just to create sparkle, as with the Rococo one? Or one on top of the other to create crackle like with the Black Shatter? Or pink nails with gold tips, like Kiera Knightly on the cover of January Vogue?

Kiera Knightly's finger

My pal Clare tried The Knightly a couple of weeks ago. She did a magnificent job – herself! – but did warn that it takes a lot off the ends of your nail  beds and makes you look like ‘a wanker who cut her nails too short’.

Clare's Knightly

Consider yourselves warned. I’m going to try both styles and will report back.


3 Responses to “Top Shop Nails”

  1. 1 Clare Bennett

    Actually that was the first time I did them myself – it was the manicurist that got them wrong by painting the gold tip too far down the filament and then, yes, making me look like a wanker who cut her nails too short. This picture here is the ultimate.

    God, I’m good at painting nails. It’s just a fact. x

  2. 2 Adele

    My friend tried Topshop nail polish at a drag queen party (don’t ask) and reports that it’s industrial strength. It lasted two weeks, no chipping, and yes she washes her own dishes.

  3. The previous Top Shop colours I’ve had were all fantastic, and really lasted. But I have never gone back to these ones; that day was too horrid.

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