Spatula nails update


I continue to wage my fiery yet futile war against the spatula nail. Katie Price/Jordan has long been an offender, but I tend to try and ignore her wherever possible. However, this image from the Daily Mail online suggests that a) she is, like, so totally into her new man Leandro and one hundred percent over all other men she has known before, and b) she is perhaps edging closer to accepting that where manicures are concerned bright = short, and pale = long.

Things are looking brighter, and shorter.

I don’t understand why more women, especially ones with gel nails, don’t understand that if their nails are long and bright, the overall effect just ends up being Edward Spatula-hands. It is repulsive. It is impractical. And it’s really, really weird.

A selection of Katie Price's previous manicure inspirations

I will continue to monitor the situation, so you don’t have to.


3 Responses to “Spatula nails update”

  1. 1 lucy

    There is a hint of spatula-nail on the thumb….

  1. 1 THESE ARE INCREDIBLE FINGER NAILS! « The Definite Cuticle

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