I love this site


Truly, I love this site.

It consumes me. I am desperate to contribute, but I have stage fright. What could possibly be good enough to compete?

Well, I have definitely decided that I will be modelling with a spuntino from Spuntino. But what colour nails?

A spuntino from Spuntino

At first I wanted to show off my new Chanel Morning Rose, which I adore. But would something so pink look a bit gross among the meat?

Then I decided I’d go with my new Deborah Lippman. It’s called I Know What Boys Like, and it’s something that I like too. When I saw it in the bottle I was worried that it might look a little ‘teenager with an infected piercing talking loudly on the tube’, but actually once it’s on it looks rather grown up. The blue is a lovely deep colour, neither teen-rebel nor something you might like to paint your front door with. But with a burger it might look a little too ‘catering plaster chic’.

I should probably get better at photographing my nails

So it’s down to two Leighton Denny shades, Do Me a Flavour and Prim and Proper. What do you think?


One Response to “I love this site”

  1. How interesting, keep up the good work.

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