Joan Collins – a manicured salute


Firstly, hello new people! Welcome! I trust that you are here because you are either obsessed by nails and nail polish too, you read Sali’s piece in the Guardian or you wandered over via Twitter.

As a special welcome treat I bring you the MAJESTY of what can happen when nail polish and Twitter collide – brought together by no finer alchemist than Joan Collins.

A Young Joan Collins sporting a Pointy Nail

Clearly Joan is a nail icon. From her early Hollywood days, via her iconic Alexis Colby-Carrington days, to her current swooning at the Academy Awards because of a tight but kick-ass dress days. Hell, even my Joanie as Alexis doll – a birthday gift from my friend Julia – has an immaculate manicure and pedicure.

Joan at this year’s Academy Awards - complete with perfect nails and swoon-inducing dress

It turns out that she’s also an avid Tweeter – complete with fabulous nails in her Twitter profile.  She offers everything from hair advice for Katie Price to reports on the weather while she’s in the South of France. It’s a source of huge joy, apart from one tiny snag – she has developed a habit of retweeting a lot of the compliments sent to her. It’s a tiny bit uncool. Just, well … it’s not very her. I’m actually worried that she has an automated retweet set up and she doesn’t realise what she’s doing. That’s what I’m telling myself anyway.

My Joan as Alexis doll, nesting among all of my other favourite things

But not everyone keeps their opinions to themselves. A tweeter called @mydadisloaded pulled her up on it, and thought that Joan had taken heed. But Joan had not taken heed. She had taken offense. Instead of obeying, she blocked. But DEAR LORD she did it in magnificent style. I salute you Joan, with an impeccably manicured hand.

Probably the classiest thing that has ever happened on Twitter

(But please bear in mind the retweeting thing. It’s not cool. I say this with love.)


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