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Top Shop Nails


Oh hallo there. So I finished the book that nearly drove me mad, and then I did another one. Each of them contain contains lavish descriptions of finger nails, but neither are written under my name so you’ll just have to read everything until you find them. Anyway … I was on my way back […]

It has been brought to my attention by someone on Twitter that OPI have an extraordinary new product called Black Shatter launching soon. It seems be designed to make your nails look like a distressed old building in SoHo in late 70s/early 80s New York. I can’t imagine how it works and I can’t deny […]

Last autumn I tried to buy a bottle of Chanel Jade nail polish. It had received a lot of press, and so I was anticipating a handful of other people might want it as well. It was sold exclusively at the Chanel Boutique on Bond Street and Selfridges on Oxford Street. I got up extra […]

In order to celebrate this week’s Turner Prize winner I bought something that I have wanted for a very long time. Gold leaf nail polish. It is the most insanely and unnecessarily decadent thing I have ever owned. It’s 24 carat gold! Someone actually invented that! I bought it in Space NK in Brighton. It […]

The Perfect Red


Oh, the search for the perfect red nail polish. Like the search for the perfect love, or the perfect fry-up, it truly is a life’s work. It has obsessed me for years. Obviously my early forays into nail-painting (my mum doing my toes for ten minutes when I was 6, before taking it off in […]

A final blast of summer on my feet. Next time it will be Jungle Red, which came second. (I counted replies via Twitter too). Now I am going to try and find out what colour Dot Cotton’s nails are.

It is important that you all know it takes at least half an hour to remove Rouge Noir, and even then you might still look as if you have just killed a man. More to follow…