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On Thursday I posted about the new Top Shop nails kit, and said I was going to try it out. I got as far as painting one hand pink and one hand pink and gold, and was planning to see my friend Sali later in the afternoon to discuss. But then she phoned me and said […]

Top Shop Nails


Oh hallo there. So I finished the book that nearly drove me mad, and then I did another one. Each of them contain contains lavish descriptions of finger nails, but neither are written under my name so you’ll just have to read everything until you find them. Anyway … I was on my way back […]

I bought one of the four bottles of Chanel Rouge Fatal in Brighton on Thursday (I know! Thursday! They weren’t even on sale then!) and painted my fingernails as soon as I could. They look lovely. However, they look exactly they same as they always do when I paint them Essie Bordeaux. Rouge Fatal is […]

Last autumn I tried to buy a bottle of Chanel Jade nail polish. It had received a lot of press, and so I was anticipating a handful of other people might want it as well. It was sold exclusively at the Chanel Boutique on Bond Street and Selfridges on Oxford Street. I got up extra […]

I just updated this blog. After so long. Then I tried to peel a carrot, for this blog. And I did this to my fingernail, because I was watching Sherlock at the same time. OUCH. It will created a nice experiment to see how fast my nails grow though. Silver lining for Friday’s excitement, innit. […]

I don’t often identify with Mariah Carey. I’m fine with stairs, I like to wear clothes I can breathe in, and butterflies largely leave me cold. However, when I wrote that previous post about how I had had a stressful time lately, I didn’t know that things were going to get worse. Urgh And before […]

In order to celebrate this week’s Turner Prize winner I bought something that I have wanted for a very long time. Gold leaf nail polish. It is the most insanely and unnecessarily decadent thing I have ever owned. It’s 24 carat gold! Someone actually invented that! I bought it in Space NK in Brighton. It […]