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Signora Paris


I have been to stay with my mother in Umbria for 8 days. It was very sunny and I ate many figs from the tree in the garden. I also went to church with my mother on Sunday. I don’t believe in god, but I do believe in sitting quietly, making my mother happy for […]

Whenever I am in a decent branch of Boots or Superdrug and I have five minutes spare, I make sure that I go and look at the Nail Care section, just to check up on things. I love the fact that while Chanel nail polishes are a somewhat steep £16.50 each, there is always a […]

The Perfect Red


Oh, the search for the perfect red nail polish. Like the search for the perfect love, or the perfect fry-up, it truly is a life’s work. It has obsessed me for years. Obviously my early forays into nail-painting (my mum doing my toes for ten minutes when I was 6, before taking it off in […]

This weekend I went to visit my parents. One of the things I did while I was there was to hunt through some old photographs to find images of my mother’s fingernails in the 70s and 80s. They were, and still are, a thing of great beauty and wonder. One of my key childhood memories […]

I forwarded the last post to my mother last night, to see what she thought. (She is my main nailspiration, after all). Her response: ‘Hmmm. But what is all this nonsense I keep reading about matte nails? Everyone knows matte nails aren’t there on purpose, they’re just the result of applying polish too late at […]