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Firstly, hello new people! Welcome! I trust that you are here because you are either obsessed by nails and nail polish too, you read Sali’s piece in the Guardian or you wandered over via Twitter. As a special welcome treat I bring you the MAJESTY of what can happen when nail polish and Twitter collide […]

Pointy Nails


This week I saw Immodesty Blaize read at an event in Shoreditch. She looked, as my friend Julia pointed out, ‘like tits and honey’. It was mesmerising. Working from the bottom up, she was in metallic Louboutin platforms, sheeny shiny caramel bare legs, a knee length, possibly Westwood, pale green velvet cocktail dress, and a […]

I don’t often identify with Mariah Carey. I’m fine with stairs, I like to wear clothes I can breathe in, and butterflies largely leave me cold. However, when I wrote that previous post about how I had had a stressful time lately, I didn’t know that things were going to get worse. Urgh And before […]

This evening I am going out. I have just chipped my nails – two of them! On my left hand, the ring figner and the index finger. I don’t have time to mend it. But I DO have a handy catch-all excuse. I will now share it with you. “I meant it too look like […]

The Perfect Red


Oh, the search for the perfect red nail polish. Like the search for the perfect love, or the perfect fry-up, it truly is a life’s work. It has obsessed me for years. Obviously my early forays into nail-painting (my mum doing my toes for ten minutes when I was 6, before taking it off in […]

This weekend I went to visit my parents. One of the things I did while I was there was to hunt through some old photographs to find images of my mother’s fingernails in the 70s and 80s. They were, and still are, a thing of great beauty and wonder. One of my key childhood memories […]

I have painted my nails Chanel Rouge Noir today. That’s because I am going to the party for a book called LUXURY. (It is big of me to attend, given the almost wilful avoidance of nail polish on that book jacket). Anyway, Rouge Noir is one of the all time most glamorous shades in the […]