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Firstly, hello new people! Welcome! I trust that you are here because you are either obsessed by nails and nail polish too, you read Sali’s piece in the Guardian or you wandered over via Twitter. As a special welcome treat I bring you the MAJESTY of what can happen when nail polish and Twitter collide […]

Oh dear. Oh dear me. I didn’t mean to do it, but the otherwise lovely author Sophie Hannah suggested I did. I should have known better. People eat bloody GRAVEL in her books. But I went and watched Orphan. On a Sunday night. As if the film wasn’t terrifying enough, it has now turned me […]

I miss Rachel Menken. In other news, Chanel Rouge Fatal is out on October 1st. I am adoring my Paradoxal, and still clinging to Nouvelle Vague on my toes as summer slowly dies. As you were. x

Today I bring you an interview with my friend Clare. Here she is, second from the left. We have been friends for 15 years. We were flatmates at university, and actually took a train up to London once to buy the last two bottles of Rouge Noir in London. Ours is a strong bond, built […]

I would like you to imagine the first three minutes of this clip if Humbert and Lolita were doing the washing and drying up together, or in a car, or perhaps just sitting in some chairs. Not quite the same is it? Gentlemen: I just want you all to know what exactly it is that […]

I have painted my nails Chanel Rouge Noir today. That’s because I am going to the party for a book called LUXURY. (It is big of me to attend, given the almost wilful avoidance of nail polish on that book jacket). Anyway, Rouge Noir is one of the all time most glamorous shades in the […]

I appreciate that the only thing madder than a nonsensical film about a mermaid named Madison coming to New York City in a bad wig to fall in love with Tom Hanks is trying to reason with with a nonsensical film about a mermaid named Madison coming to New York City in a bad wig […]