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Firstly, hello new people! Welcome! I trust that you are here because you are either obsessed by nails and nail polish too, you read Sali’s piece in the Guardian or you wandered over via Twitter. As a special welcome treat I bring you the MAJESTY of what can happen when nail polish and Twitter collide […]

I continue to wage my fiery yet futile war against the spatula nail. Katie Price/Jordan has long been an offender, but I tend to try and ignore her wherever possible. However, this image from the Daily Mail online suggests that a) she is, like, so totally into her new man Leandro and one hundred percent […]

Oh dear. Oh dear me. I didn’t mean to do it, but the otherwise lovely author Sophie Hannah suggested I did. I should have known better. People eat bloody GRAVEL in her books. But I went and watched Orphan. On a Sunday night. As if the film wasn’t terrifying enough, it has now turned me […]

On Thursday I posted about the new Top Shop nails kit, and said I was going to try it out. I got as far as painting one hand pink and one hand pink and gold, and was planning to see my friend Sali later in the afternoon to discuss. But then she phoned me and said […]

Top Shop Nails


Oh hallo there. So I finished the book that nearly drove me mad, and then I did another one. Each of them contain contains lavish descriptions of finger nails, but neither are written under my name so you’ll just have to read everything until you find them. Anyway … I was on my way back […]

I bought one of the four bottles of Chanel Rouge Fatal in Brighton on Thursday (I know! Thursday! They weren’t even on sale then!) and painted my fingernails as soon as I could. They look lovely. However, they look exactly they same as they always do when I paint them Essie Bordeaux. Rouge Fatal is […]

I miss Rachel Menken. In other news, Chanel Rouge Fatal is out on October 1st. I am adoring my Paradoxal, and still clinging to Nouvelle Vague on my toes as summer slowly dies. As you were. x