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I continue to wage my fiery yet futile war against the spatula nail. Katie Price/Jordan has long been an offender, but I tend to try and ignore her wherever possible. However, this image from the Daily Mail online suggests that a) she is, like, so totally into her new man Leandro and one hundred percent […]

Oh dear. Oh dear me. I didn’t mean to do it, but the otherwise lovely author Sophie Hannah suggested I did. I should have known better. People eat bloody GRAVEL in her books. But I went and watched Orphan. On a Sunday night. As if the film wasn’t terrifying enough, it has now turned me […]

Cheryl’s red nails still really bother me. This pic, from the Daily Mail website, will send me to bed with a terrible sense of Sunday night dread. I can deal with the hair, I can deal with the ruffles, I can even deal with the foot stealing trousers. But NO MORE RED SPATULA NAILS. Please […]

It has been brought to my attention by someone on Twitter that OPI have an extraordinary new product called Black Shatter launching soon. It seems be designed to make your nails look like a distressed old building in SoHo in late 70s/early 80s New York. I can’t imagine how it works and I can’t deny […]

Last autumn I tried to buy a bottle of Chanel Jade nail polish. It had received a lot of press, and so I was anticipating a handful of other people might want it as well. It was sold exclusively at the Chanel Boutique on Bond Street and Selfridges on Oxford Street. I got up extra […]

Whenever I am in a decent branch of Boots or Superdrug and I have five minutes spare, I make sure that I go and look at the Nail Care section, just to check up on things. I love the fact that while Chanel nail polishes are a somewhat steep £16.50 each, there is always a […]

I just updated this blog. After so long. Then I tried to peel a carrot, for this blog. And I did this to my fingernail, because I was watching Sherlock at the same time. OUCH. It will created a nice experiment to see how fast my nails grow though. Silver lining for Friday’s excitement, innit. […]